Smart Electric Balance To Enter The Transportation Market The Correct Posture

Whether it's PC to the Internet, mobile Internet, or have you in the development of the Internet of things, those under the rapid development of modern science and technology have been minutes into our lives, the Internet's mission has never changed, that is as efficient as a business link terminal equipment and human society.

Intelligent traffic car is not a fresh of vocabulary, in two years Qian electric alone round car, and intelligent balance car and Mars car on began gradually into people of life in the, they of appeared let everyone know, original except traditional motor vehicle zhiwai, also has a new of transport can so convenient so shortcut of change with people of travel way, but because various reasons, in at, intelligent balance car and no was real meaning Shang of promotion from, just concentrated in has less part people of feet, High prices so that most people can not have this new means of transport.