Self-balancing Electric Vehicle Can Develop

As a fashion trend of intelligent transport, even if the domestic balance car price tens of thousands of Yuan, but is still able to find markets. Inadvertently, there are all kinds of balanced cars appear on the streets of the city.

In fact, luxury in China is never short of market, just cool enough. Embark on self-balancing electric vehicle, when body weight forward, and electric vehicles go, slightly tilted, it will stop. While balancing the car has to be improved, but does not affect it's hot.

Toy geeks

In order to improve the efficiency of urban transport, for the purpose of protecting the environment, Segway self-balancing electric vehicle was launched in 2001.

Imagine standing on the pedals, which detects the tilt angle of the body to walk. Of course it is not ideas, but by gravity, tilted slightly forward, electric car will start and drive forward; a slightly tilted, it will stop. Meanwhile, self-balancing electric vehicle steering by hand and telescoping pole to achieve, swinging my hand even with the telescopic vehicle left and right wheel speed difference (for example the telescopic swing to the left, the right wheel speed will be faster than a revolver), steering effect. Entire balance only vertically projected area the size of two pairs of slippers, small footprint and quick hands. Self-balancing electric vehicle weight of about 15 kg, and body is equipped with lift rod, easy to handle carry.

Balancing the car through the built-in precision solid-state gyroscopes to determine body posture status, under precise and high-speed microprocessors to calculate the appropriate instruction, driving motor to balance the effect. Use lithium batteries as a power source to achieve zero carbon emissions, and power conversion technologies, able to downhill running automatically recharge the lithium-ion battery pack, electric energy and kinetic energy can be recycled. And because of improved performance, so the self-balancing electric vehicle noise is very small.