Learn Self-balancing Electric Vehicle Three Problems

First, the venue issue

Electric unicycle can over rivers, deserts, grasslands, slope, etc., but for a beginner, you should choose open, flat, no venue to practice!

Wrong venue

Potholed site electric unicycle although it can go, and also virtuoso place, but this is not the venue for beginners!

Second, the clothing issue

Choose an appropriate set of equipment, it is one of the key factors in learning electric wheelbarrow, but also to avoid the beginning of the semester because of friction with the vehicle body and cause leg pain!

Slippers + skirt + weight = seek death was the rhythm

Beginner wheelbarrow, lightweight clothing should be simple based, shorts, skirts, dresses, slippers Avoid! And so learned, and then fancy too late!

Third, the focus of the problem

If you do not know how to determine the center of gravity of the foot, but try the following: people have a sense of proportion to push you, you go unconscious first step is to focus foot leg better!

Feet first focus on the whole person and wheelbarrow to keep the same line, both feet together and then slowly slide to focus on the equilibrium! Did not find the center of gravity, the body was wheelbarrow "dragged", did not take the initiative to control the balance!

The center of gravity can be controlled to maintain a balance, you learn not far away! But often control the center of gravity is the most difficult part of the process of learning, therefore, need to be patient for beginners, to try, to explore a few times, you can learn it!